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Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Within the events of its Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital cordially invites you to attend a conference dedicated to facts about breast cancer, that will be held at the medical center On 19th October 2017 At 13:30 Building D, 6th floor Auditorium D. An open door interactive exposition will precede the conference, on the same day starting at 8.30 am

40 Years of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

On the 40th anniversary of the first angioplasty in men that was done on September 16, 1977 by Andreas Gruntzig, a lecture titled "40 Years of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention" was held by Dr. Georges Ghanem at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital to remember the landmark date in the history of percutaneous intervention in cardio-vascular medicine.

Orthopedic Arab Board Exam at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

Our Orthopedic Division is proud to host the Orthopedic Arab Board Exam at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital for two consecutive days, July 22 and 23, 2017. 50 doctors from the Arab world are here to sit for their Orthopedic Arab Board Exam in OSCE, Orthopedic Long Cases, Pathology and Traumatology. Dr. John Abdelnour, Head of Orthopedic Arab Board Exam and Committee, extended his gratitude to our administration, to Dr. Micheal Moawad, Dean of School of Medicine, Mr. Sami Rizk, our CEO, and Dr. Chahine Assi, Head of our Orthopedic Division, for hosting and making this event a successful one

Human Resources

Thank you for exploring career opportunities at Lebanese American University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital (LAU Medical Center). We are the employer of choice for over 500 individuals. LAU Medical Center is an innovative, award-winning hospital serving the Lebanese community and citizens from other Middle East countries. We offer a wide variety of employment opportunities and competitive benefits. If you are looking for an organization that is committed to improving the health of those it serves, please consider joining our team.

Father's Day 2017

On the occasion of Father's Day, the Positive Work Environment committee at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital celebrated with all the dads on duty! Souvenirs and wishes from the heart made everyone's day better. Anyone can be a man, but not anyone can be a dad. Happy Father's Day everybody!

Stick to Your Roots

To remind us of our Mediterranean roots and more importantly, to emphasize on the richness and essentials of our diet, the Dietetics and Nutrition department at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital and its interns from LAU organized a "Stick to Your Roots" day in the cafeteria. The delicious full Mediterranean meal that was served to the staff had: Healthy chicken shawarma, quinoa tabboule, potato wedges and sfouf.


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