LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Registered Nurse

Expire Date: 
Mon, 04/30/2012
Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Medical Surgical Unit
Work Schedule: 
It depends of the unit

BS in nursing
Work Experience:
Minimum one year of experience

Required Skills: 

• Patient
• Punctual and dependent for assigned shifts
• Good communications skills
• Good computer skills
• Good verbal & written English language skills

Responsibilities and Duties: 

Registered Nurse will perform her job duties while upholding the utmost ethical and safe techniques always keeping the care of the patient as her top priority. She will work very closely with the entire team of healthcare professionals in the facility she is assigned to, and must have a complete understanding of her limitations in turn seeking advice when necessary. These are just some of the duties that she will be expected to do, but are not limited to the following:

1) Perform all nursing duties while adhering to all facility policies and procedures.
2) Monitor patient progress and identifies any changes in status, acting on those changes to insure patient comfort and safety.
3) Assist physicians and all healthcare professionals caring for patient, always giving a complete and thorough report on patient status at end of shift/assignment.
4) Perform routine nursing care to assigned patients, while utilizing age specific and universal precaution practices at all times.
5) Practice patient teaching/training for patients and families.
6) Follow hospital policy when disposing of biohazardous materials, labeling and handling of all materials.
7) Actively demonstrate a working knowledge of nursing theory, techniques, principles, and practice in order to care for the patient.
8) Will handle and be knowledgeable of all medical equipment utilized in the care of the patient.
9) Accountable and responsible for each specific patient assigned while under direct supervision of the Head Nurse.

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