LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


Expire Date: 
Fri, 11/30/2012
Central Store
Work Schedule: 
8.5 hours per day (Monday ---Friday), 5 hours Saturday

BA degree
Work Experience:
Minimum 1 year experience in a similar field
Experience in medical field storekeeping is preferable.

Required Skills: 

• Very good organizational skills
• Attached to details
• Knowledge of stock management methods, procedures and terminology.
• Knowledge in inventory systems and Management
• Good computer skills
• Good verbal and written English skills; French is a plus.
• Good verbal and written communication skills.
• Work independently.
• Decent neat and conscience.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

• Prepares in coordination with the Purchasing supervisor a monthly order according to the stock consumption.

• Receives from suppliers ordered goods and store on shelves.
• Ensures the availability of all items through regular monitoring of stock levels.
• Controls the consumption of subsidiaries according to the minimum - maximum stock of each subsidiary.
• Monitors purchase orders partially delivered (pending items) in coordination with the PDS.
• Conducts perpetual inventory at the central store.
• Participates twice a year in the hospital inventory.
• Monitors assessment of new products and new suppliers.
• Records and tracks non-compliant products.
• Controls and monitors the low or non-frequently requested products in stock
• Monitors products with near expiration date throughout the hospital.
• Orders supplies on consignation basis upon the operating theater and the cardiac catheterization requests.
• Controls of daily transactions: movement, input purchasing and billing.
• Performs data entry of received suppliers invoices
• Files Purchase orders in alphabetical orders.
• Prepares a detailed report on the distribution of office supplies, hotel products and computer accessories delivered to various subsidiaries. Report sent monthly to the accounting department.
• Ensures Compliance of all current protocols

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