LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Quality Control Supervisor

Expire Date: 
Sat, 05/25/2013
Patient Safety
Work Schedule: 
Monday to Friday, 8.5 hours per day

- BS in Nursing, a higher diploma level is a plus.
- Minimum three years of clinical experience
- Similar experience is preferable

Required Skills: 

- Experience in statistical analysis.
- Good computer skills(word, Excel, SPSS…)
- Good communication skills
- Good verbal and written English language skills

Responsibilities and Duties: 

- Assists with the management of the hospital-wide Quality Assurance program.
- Coordinates the work of quality assurance staff and care evaluation committees to facilitate meeting program objections.
- Obtains patient care information from multiple sources as generic screen referrals, tissue referred from pathology and Operating Room Data Bases, FOCUS/ studies, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Incident Reports, procedural indications Review, Diagnostic tests such as X-rays, and the case mix data base system.
- Reviews sources of information to assess quality of care and reports quality concerns to the Chief Medical Officer and refer for physician and appropriate committee review.
- Recommends policy and procedure changes to improve care and patient outcome utilizing clinical knowledge base.
- Conducts ongoing literature reviews to determine standards of practice.
- Operates the hospital case mix data system; prepares reports from the system on an ongoing basis.
- Monitors trends using collected data and determines, in conjunction with the Chief Medical Officer, if further study and assessment is indicated.
- Determines severity of quality of care issues or events affecting patient care recommends and design quality assurance studies.
- Maintains generic screening database with continued entries and updates, enhance database, statistics, and report generating capacity in conjunction with the information systems staff.
- Modifies review processes to assure their validity.
- Prepares and presents quality assurance reports on an established basis.
- Participates in assigned committee meetings such as Blood Utilization, Medical Records, Pharmacy and therapeutics, Infection Control, departmental Business Meeting;
- Report pertinent information to the care evaluation committees of each department

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