LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Practical Nurse / Nurse Aid

Expire Date: 
Fri, 11/22/2013
Delivery room / Nursery
Work Schedule: 
Shift rotation basis (12 hours) (48 hours per week). Overtime as required.

Current practical Nurse Certificate is preferred.
A minimum of one year of clinical experience is preferred.

Required Skills: 

Ability to communicate effectively with patients, families, and visitors.
Team worker.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

Respects the hospital mission, vision, and values.
Participates in the reception and orientation of woman / patient to room environment.
Sets up woman / patient room and answer call light.
Performs chest compressions / ventilation (Ambubag) in life support situations.
Assists woman / patient with setting up O2.
Collects specimens (Stools and urine) and measures & records PO intake and output (Urine, drains).
Collects urine (freely voided) and stools culture.
Performs activity of daily livings: total or partial bed bath, sitz bath, perineal care, shaving, hair care, makes occupied bed and unoccupied bed.
Delivers / removes meal trays and feeding woman / patient.
Obtains a capillary blood sample for Glucose testing as required.
Prepares skin for procedures and applies anti-embolism stockings.
Assists in ambulating woman / patient, turning & repositioning woman / patient, and performs / assists with transportation.
Removes a peripheral intravenous catheter and a Foley Catheter as ordered.
Administers a cleansing Enema
Obtain necessary supplies for sterile procedure.
Obtains and delivers blood products to the unit.
Prepares woman / patient or newborn for discharge.
Decontaminates and disinfects instruments and equipment in use and stored equipment.
Cleans environment (Woman / patient room in her presence).
Manages soiled / clean linen carts and clean supply carts & food & medication refrigerators
Delivers and receives papers from / to the unit.
Checks laboratory specimens for appropriate labeling and delivers specimens to clinical laboratory.
Obtains and delivers supplies / equipment and stocks unit supplies, utility rooms, kitchen supplies, linen cart.
Reports of any changes on woman / patient’s and newborn conditions to superior.
Reports of unusual incidents and complaints to superior.
Performs related work as assigned.
Adheres to all facility policies and procedures as assigned.
Performs routine nursing care to assigned women / patients and newborn, while utilizing universal precaution practices at all times.
Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
Is aware of safety issues and strive to accomplish all responsibilities in a safe manner.

Specific work activities include (Delivery Room):
Performs proteinuria test.

Specific work activities include (Nursery):
Provides hygiene and nutritional care for the newborn: bath, artificial alimentation.
Cleans and disinfects the bottles and sterilizer.
Assists the pediatrician during the newborn’s exam and the OB-GYN during the circumcision.
Transfers the newborn to his mother’s room or to the radiology department while respecting the patient identification procedure.
Assists the midwife and participates in the encouragement of breastfeeding.
Assists the mother in Breastpumping.
Prepares and observes newborn under phototherapy.

Supports and mentors junior colleagues or nursing students as assigned (preceptor).

Continuous Professional Development
Attends in-service training required by the hospital.

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