LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Blood Bank Technician

Expire Date: 
Fri, 02/28/2014
Blood Bank
Work Schedule: 
Regular hours (45 hours / week) Overtime as required. Ensure the guards as needed service.

 B.S. in medical laboratory or equivalent required.
 Minimum 2 years' experience as Blood Bank Technician is preferred.

Required Skills: 

 Good knowledge in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint).
 Excellent verbal and written English skills. French is a plus.
 Knowledge of laboratory safety and infection control procedures and practices including standard precautions and hazardous chemical handling.
 Knowledge of good laboratory practices (GLP) and other regulatory agency standards within area of responsibility.
 Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, managers and clients. Excellent customer service skills.
 Attention to detail and maintaining accurate lab notebook.
 Must have aptitude for technical problem solving.
 Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
 Ability to work effectively as part of a team effort and as an individual contributor.
 Willingness to learn new techniques and procedures.
 Able to work any scheduled shifts.
 Able to perform under pressure.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

 Interact with patients, conduct interviews and test samples to screen potential donors.
 Carry out splitting units of blood collected. Store bloods draws and maintain documentation and records.
 Perform both routine and specialized tests in blood donor centers, transfusion services.
 Perform blood collection and processing, including selecting donors, collect blood, typing blood, molecular testing and perform viral marker testing to ensure the safety of the patient.
 Perform Hemato-immunologic techniques for the preparation of blood products.
 Manage and perform the technique Cytapheresis therapy and plasma exchange.
 Manage the stock of the Blood Bank and the management of office supplies.
 Complete and update all relevant books and records to ensure traceability of blood products.
 Check for blood group antigens, compatibility, and antibody identification.
 Investigate abnormalities such as hemolytic diseases of the newborn, hemolytic anemia, and adverse reactions to transfusion.
 Support physicians in transfusion therapy for patients with coagulopathies (diseases affecting blood clotting).
 Collect, label and prepare blood, plasma and other components for transfusions.
 Set up, maintain, calibrate, clean, and test sterility of medical laboratory equipment.
 Prepare standard volumetric solutions or reagents to be combined with samples, following standardized formulas or experimental procedures.
 Analyze the results of tests or experiments to ensure conformity to specifications, using special mechanical or electrical devices.
 Analyze and record test data to issue reports that use charts, graphs, or narratives. .
 Inspect equipment, structures, or materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects.
 Provide Outstanding Customer Service by demonstrating effective and appropriate communication and interpersonal skills.
 Be aware of the role of the position and its potential impact on patient care, the work unit, the department, and facility operations and seek to satisfy client expectations.
 Maintain constructive, open communication with supervisors, co-workers and customers.
 Assist lab leadership in the completion of miscellaneous duties.
 Share daily workload within the Blood Bank. Make a contribution to section and department objectives.
 Assist with the orientation and training of new staff/students.
 Read and adhere to all laboratory policies and procedures.
 Perform, review and document all quality control according to established policies and procedures.
 Participation in the development and management of quality system in place.
 Maintain patient confidence by keeping laboratory information confidential.

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