LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Clinical Department Coordinator for Internal Medicine

Expire Date: 
Fri, 09/26/2014
Internal medicine
Work Schedule: 
42 hours / week

• Masters in nursing or public health
• License and work permit
• 5 years’ experience in related field

Required Skills: 

• Good communication skills
• Compassionate personality
• Ability to adapt in stressful situations
• Ability to maintain confidentiality of records and information
• Good computer skills
• Good verbal & written English language skills

Responsibilities and Duties: 

• Communicates and handles incoming and out coming mail of division
• Coordinates meetings
• Follows up on all administrative issues including meetings, conferences, and schedules in the private clinic.
• Participates in budget control and preparation
• Works on efficiency in processes
• Assists department in research
• Prepares policies and standards of practice for division
• Participates in JCI compliance
• Submits report to CEO office regarding activity of the division
• Records minutes of all meetings
• Contacts speakers and organization of conferences
• Participates in product evaluation
• Coordinate with patients and agencies (government or others )

Clinical and Quality
• Involved in quality indicators ,JCI compliance ,submitting quality reports and represents department for quality

Residency program
• Prepares schedule of residents and monitors rotation
• Communicates with LAUMC nursing units,operators,ER,affliated programs and dispensaries, regarding the schedules of residents
• Ensures all files of attending and residents are complete
• Coordinates all administrative issues regarding the residency program including but not limited to exams ,letters of acceptance ,graduation,recruitment,scheduling of interviews attendance ,evaluations,exams,training requirements ,and recommendations
• Ensures exit documents complete

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