LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Physical Therapist

Expire Date: 
Mon, 03/30/2015
Physical Therapy
Work Schedule: 
42 Hours/Week

Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy
Registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Health as well as the Order of the Physiotherapist in Lebanon.
Work Experience:
Minimum 2 years' experience in the same field.

Required Skills: 

 Good computer skills especially in Microsoft Office
 Able to work within a professional code of ethics and respect confidentiality at all times.
 Strong communication skills.
 Ability to work with others as part of a team.
 Time management and organizational skills.
 Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
 Ability to be an active member of the on-call rotation during Week-End and the emergency.
 Good physical condition.
 Make Decisions and Solve Problems.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

 Provide a high standard of practice and knowledge of physiotherapy service to a variety of patients referred to the physiotherapy department, according to the written prescription of the physician referral and patient's medical records to determine diagnosis and physical therapy treatment required.
 Assess and provide the Rehabilitation plan of care for patients with injuries and fractures, orthopedics and joints, strokes, post-surgical rehabilitation, intensive care or terminal illness, abdominal conditions, obstetrics and gynecology, chest conditions, posture and movement, neurological conditions, learning difficulties and mental illness, under the supervision of the Manager of Physical Therapy.
 Act independently to effectively assess and analyze a patients needs and perform assigned tasks according to established therapeutic procedures and policies and exercise considerable initiative judgment in administering treatment and interpreting patient’s reactions.
 Demonstrate accurate assessment skills and effective clinical judgments that are supported by clear documentation.
 Develop and update specialist clinical knowledge and skills, which contributes toward evidence based, patient centered treatment.
 Involve clients and family in goal setting and treatment plans and ensure that they are aware of expected outcomes.
 Manage time and diary commitments effectively to meet the demands of the case load.
 Participate in and initiate audit, evaluation of the service, keeping accurate statistics and information for the physiotherapy service as required.
 Ensure plan of care is formulated in partnership with the patient and careers. Educate and advise patients and family about how to prevent and/or improve conditions.
 Set treatment goals and achieve outcomes using researched and proven techniques.
 Formulate progress plans with patients enabling them to achieve treatment goals and targets.
 Maintain accurate clinical documentation as per the policy and procedure of the physiotherapy Department and in line with UMC-RH Policy required.
 Maintain accurate and up to date patient notes. Write appropriate reports for referral physicians.
 Coordinate with other healthcare personnel to supply and receive relevant information about the background and progress of patient.
 Identify and inform the manager of specific practices, which require developing or changing to meet the needs of the service.
 Measure the quality and standard of service provided and report to the Manager of Department any incident or lack of professionalism that could affect the fulfilment of the quality and the high standard services.
 Report all hazards and unsafe practices to the Manager/Senior Physiotherapist.
 Reduced the risks of incidents to the minimum within the Physical Therapy area.
 Take responsibility for the maintenance of a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
 Ensure that equipment is cleaned after use and be responsible for equipment used in course of treatment and protect this equipment as a property of the hospital.
 Establish the discharge plan and advise patients and relatives on exercises to be carried out by patients at home.
 Supervise, advice and instruct physical therapist student on personal safety during lifting and transfer of patients.
 Participate in in-service training programs, individual training sessions, multidisciplinary meetings, and orientation of Physical Therapy students.

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