LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Clinical Pharmacist: Critical Care

Expire Date: 
Fri, 07/10/2015
Work Schedule: 
42 hours / week

 Must possess a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from an Accredited School of Pharmacy
 Completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency with experience in Critical Care.
 A specialized clinical residency in critical care is preferred.
 Board certification is preferred.
 Licensed as a pharmacist in Lebanon

Required Skills: 

 Maintains competency in unique aspects of drug therapy for critical care patients.
 Evidence of leadership in pharmacy practice and professional associations.
 Evidence of expertise in education/training of students and residents.
 Good knowledge of pharmaceutical requirements
 Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint).
 Excellent verbal and written English skills. French is a plus.
 Working knowledge of safety standards
 Highly organized and the ability to multi-task in a busy environment.
 Ability to work effectively as a team player.
 Problem-solving skills.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

 Round as a consistent member of the multidisciplinary critical care team.
 Verify and process medication orders in the Intensive Care Units (Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal), Cardiac Surgery Unit, Emergency Room and Operating Rooms.
 Prevent, detect and resolve medication related problems and provide evidence based and patient specific drug information and disease state management.
 Participate in clinical guideline development/assessment, disease management and drug use programs as identified by and in coordination with the Clinical Coordinator.
 Identify process improvement initiative to avoid preventable errors and improve patient safety related outcomes
 Participate in financial management initiatives for the critical care areas.
 Demonstrate teamwork with the Pharmacy to ensure that drug distribution to critical care areas is communicated and delivered both safely and efficiently
 Assist with the implementation and follow up of Clinical Pharmacy Initiatives.
 Serve on hospital committees pertaining to critical care pharmacotherapy.
 Collaborate on the achievement of departmental goals and objectives.
 Participate in teaching of students and residents.
 Attend/participate in pharmacy conferences and grand rounds.
 Respect and adhere to the mission, vision, and values of LAUMC-RH.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:
 Round as a consistent member of the multidisciplinary critical care team
 Develop a medication management routine:
o Assess the current medication management:
 Develop medication therapy goals
 Identify, prioritize, manage and prevent medication related problems (MRPs)
o Develop, implement and follow up on the medication plan
o Communicate with patient/health care professionals
o Document in patient charts when applicable
 Prospectively evaluate all drug therapy in the Intensive Care Units (Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal), Cardiac Surgery Unit, Emergency Room and Operating Rooms for appropriate indications, dosage, drug interactions, drug allergies, monitor’s the patient’s pharmacotherapeutic regimen for effectiveness and adverse drug events and intervene accordingly.
 Evaluate parenteral nutrition in collaboration with the clinical dietician and recommend modifications as indicated to optimize nutritional regimen.
 Reconcile medications upon admission to and discharge from the ICU
 Counsel/triage patients on discharge/transfer medications as necessary.
 Provide specific pharmacokinetic monitoring when a targeted drug is prescribed.
 Provide up to date, evidence based and patient specific drug information
 Participate in reporting adverse drug events, assist in their management and develop processes to reduce medication errors and preventable events.
 Document and report on clinical interventions and cost avoidance as part of the justification for the position/service.
 Review, update and implement pharmacy policies within critical care areas
 Participate with the Clinical Coordinator and Pharmacy Department to evaluate and measure the impact of newly implemented processes.
 Serve as a liaison with medical staff and clinical coordinator to educate health care professionals with regards to pharmacotherapy related issues
 Collaborate with pharmacy, nursing, medical staff and the hospital administration on standards for accreditation.
 Contribute to improving pharmacy information technology when applicable.
 Fill in for pharmacy staff when needed and address on-call duties.
 Play an active role in ensuring a proper inventory control system in the ICU
 Assist the Clinical Pharmacist in aspects of student orientation and education.
 Provide at least one pharmacy staff development per year.
 Participate in pharmacy conferences and Grand Rounds.
 Participate in clinical research and contribute to pharmacy/medical literature.
 Participate on resuscitation efforts.
 Perform other duties pertinent to this job as appropriate or as required.

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