LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Quality Manager

Expire Date: 
Thu, 07/23/2015
Quality Management
Work Schedule: 
42 hours/week

 Academic degree from a reputable American University
 More than 10 years of experience in the quality systems implementing with a minimum of 4 years in a leadership role
 Experience in managing change in complex organizations.

Required Skills: 

 Good communication skills
 Strong managerial and leadership skills
 Strong interpersonal skills
 Ability to deal with physicians and care givers
 Innovative and creative

Responsibilities and Duties: 

Position Profile
The QSM has to be a leader with unique traits and credentials
He or she is required to set in place the quality systems at LAUMCRH and to prepare the hospital for JCI accreditation in the near future.

The QSM will lead the quality department staff to develop systems that will allow the hospital to be JCI accredited in the foreseen future.
 QSM will set a plan to prepare JCI accreditation with precise milestones
 QSM will have to put in place monitoring systems for quality indicators throughout the hospital and present them regularly to the management
 QSM will have to follow corrective actions and measure quality improvements throughout the hospital
 QSM will be in charge of receiving and handling all patient complaints and Professional Incident Forms.
 QSM is in charge of preparing the General Hospital Quality Improvement plan and monitoring its execution.

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