LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


Expire Date: 
Wed, 06/15/2016
Work Schedule: 
<p>&nbsp;42 hours / week</p>


  • Related certification, if available.
  • Computer literate

Work Experience:       

Minimum 10 years in construction or site supervision.

Required Skills: 


  • Leadership and communication skills.

  • Working knowledge of general construction safety.

  • Working knowledge of most aspects of renovations and construction jobs.

  • Ability to read AutoCAD drawings.

  • Patience and attention to details.

  • Ability to communicate in English and Arabic; French is a plus.




Responsibilities and Duties: 


  • Supervise : Contractor’s site works, Civil and Finishing Technicians, Handymen and Workers.

  • Assist in the projects preparation phase in drafting preliminary bill of quantities (Quantity Surveying) and respective cost estimates.

  • Assist in updating space databases as required.

  • Monitor the day-to-day progress of renovation projects ensuring that daily tasks are efficiently completed by contractors while coordinating between the different involved parties on-site.

  • Make sure that all the tasks executed on site are approved prior to execution.

  • Attend to construction questions and issues upon clear instructions from the Engineer, and helps identifying feasible solutions to difficult situations or technical problems as approved by the Engineer.

  • Make sure that the contractor's representatives handle all cleanup tasks before they leave and that all tools, equipment and unneeded materials are put away, or taken from the site.

  • Validate that the site is permanently safe and secured. Make an entry in the Site Log outlining the activities and accomplishments of the day (Filling Daily Report Sheets and daily attendance sheets).

  • Assist in Quantity take-offs and in verifying quantity surveying and payment certificates.

  • Coordinate daily with contractors and other hospital end-users to facilitate work execution.

  • Perform other duties pertinent to this job as appropriate or as required.




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