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My sister was admitted yesterday evening at your medical center and ever since she was at the Emergency till she has been moved her room, she received such a great and an outstanding impeccable service from all the team! As such I would like to command on the great medical, nursing and customer service the hospital has; the equip was thoughtful and friendly! We really received adequate attention and my family feedback was great! Katia H.


Dear Mr.


The staff was very professional with handling both the mom and baby, Xlurses were extra caring and thoughtful of the mother's lack of knowledge and experience, the staff was very supportive in terms of mother and baby privacy, emotional and physical well being. special thanks to Midwives for being patient and kind throughout the teachings of how to provide baby's need and supporting throughout breast feeding early trials, special thanks and appreciation to midwife Rita. -Hiba Natour


Thanks god for this great day.I want to thank each member working in this great hospital. We had respectful days with our new born baby boy.God bless you all.Thanks for everything.A special thanks to my doctor George Yared and Dr. Jad who helped during my delivery.


We were very pleased by a qualified nursing staff...THANKS FOR ALL... -Jean Iskaudar


I would like to inform you that i did today brain MRI. The technician Mr.George Haydamous was perfect in dealing with me and professional in giving the injection(smooth).Mr. Saba was also very professional and human in dealing in patients.Great technicians, i am very glad to be handled in care here. THANK YOU. -Fadia Haddad


Thank you for your kindness and for taking care of my son. thank you for your good treatment and tenderness and i appreciate all your efforts in looking after my son Ali. -Roula Hassan


Thank you for an amazing time and care.every staff m,ember was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Everyone was always willing to go the extra mile (late night cup of tea extra towel, words of encouragement...) Welcoming our baby boy Rawi at your hospital was a wonderful experiment!THANK YOU! -Maya Rafih


Thank you for a wonderful experience, you've made possible for us. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. A big thank you to maya, rita,antoinette,yvette and sara!


Thank you foe all of you. It was great meeting you all, very kind and helpful people...everything was perfect, organized. i was very happy with everything. Nothing i can complain about it completely.. -Nada Ali Fawaz

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