LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


Dear All, This is to inform you that Mrs. Amal Awada, is very friendly, social and loves her work. She always ask me if i want anything , in addition she insisted to help me in taking shower and changing my clothes alone. this is the 1st time I admitted to this hospital. Really the service s perfect. Thanks to all the team, doctors and nurses. -Dania Itani.


Dear ER department, I would like to thank you all for the amazing special care that my husband and i received during our stay. you have made us feel comfortable, showed support and were very quick and efficient while taking care of my husband. You have helped me and reduce my stress. Thank you for all the team. -Maro Matossian


Thank you very much. Your hospital has the friendliest staff i have ever met. I felt at home during my confinement Thank you for all be take care from Charbel (bebe) Tony Hourani specially Dr.Wissam Fayyad, Dr. Kim, Nancy, Clara, Afaf, Dr. Hiba.


A big thanks to the most friendly and kind nurses and staff,you made our stay so comfortable and smooth. We can't thank you enough for all the excellent care that you gave to my dad and the wonderful support for us as a family. YOU WERE FANTASTIC :) -Fayad family


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank EVERY single person who was involved in the surgery done to me; from the pre-op staff,to all the surgical team, anesthesiologists, post-op staff, residents and nurses! Every single person i came in contact with was very cheerful,caring,polite, and very professional! You ALL went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety! Special thanks from the heaqrt goes to the FABULOUS DR.Zreik-never felt safer. Million thanks LAUMC-RH!!!!! -Adelina


Thank you for your nice hospitality and your professional services. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They care about the mother's well being and comfort, as well as the baby's. They respond quickly when needed and are very attentive to mother an baby's needs. Thank you for this amazing experience and god bless you all. -Suzana Stephan Korkomaz


The nurses and medical staff were all very friendly,warm and had smiles on their faces all the time.They were always ready to answer all questions and to help out in any way needed.THANK YOU!! -Eva Zakhia


The stay was very pleasant. I can't thank you enough for the care and attention you gave, it was a great comfort. All the staff are helpful and kind. -Sarah Gharbi


Everything was very good and professional. I've already heard in a good way about the hospital but it was more than expected. Nurses were good as well as doctors. I will certainly refer Rizk hospital as well as i will choose all my future doctors within the hospital. -Danielle Labaki


For Darine and Rawyia are one of the best employees in the hospital, they are very kind and helpful. -Joseph Khalil Hamaaui

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