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Our Patients' Appreciation

Our Patients’ Appreciation

First, let me congratulate you for the staff on this floor. Friendly, supportive and compassionate. Mona Mirna and Marie. Thank you. -Jean Khady
Tout est bien, merci a tous, specialement Jeanne d'Arc . -Nancy Jawhari
Thank you for all the staff for being so kind and helpful. You all made my difficult stay easier to bare. Special thanks to Jeanne-d'Arc and to Reina for being the sweetest nurses ever. -Yasmine Souaiby
Felicitations pour les soins et l'attention prodigue par madame Sonia Steban. -Rosy & Selim Hatem
Moi, Jamal Adada fils de la malade, je confirme de tres bonnes surveillance, de pleu coeur, un equipe nuit et jour tres emable, rapide et efficace, grace a eux, ou est obliger de choisir cette hopital et non pas autres. Merci merci pour tous. read more
,لمن يهمه الامر التهذيب الاحترام الوجه البشوش العناية بحب ودقة الاهتمام بالمريض بفرح هذه هي صفات الراهبة في قسم الجروح هنيئا لهذا المركز بهذه الراهبة المميزة بمعاملتها مدام بو عون- read more
EXCELLENT : Rouba, Nour, Lore, Samar. -Elias Attar
Very dear nurses (especially Soeur Claudette). I love you very much and God bless you. -Ali A. May 5,2017
كان الاهتمام ممتازاو مع الشكر الجزيل -د. ناهض قديح
Room 306: The staff was GREAT in general. -Marielle Lahoud
The staff is excellent, they took care of the patient and solved the problem, they are all very caring and welcoming, thank you a lot and LAUMC is among the elite. -Walid and Grace Sayegh.
THANK YOU TO THE TEAM , very professional and quick. -Tatiana Nade.
I want to thank all the staff here for their kind service and help. I am under good hands and i have all confidence in the Rizk nurses and doctors spe-Dr. Mariana helou. -Elie Assaad Rizko.
I would like to express my appreciation for the kindness and excellent care of my daughter during her hospitalization. I know that she received the best care and support of your fine doctors and staff. Please express my appreciation to everyone who worked in pediatric floor day and night shift, RN's and PN's. -Vicky Kiwan 24 may 2018 read more
Thank you for the team of the 10th floor, the reception, the nurse, the service excellent all the staff are lovely and helpful.
I had a long journey, childless for 3 years until i met my hero DR Ziad Massaad who gave me my precious son. I was admitted to the hospital with a rupture of my placenta at 36+3 weeks had an emergency C-section my son had to be admitted to MICU. The staff here became my support system and my son's guardian angels> they gave me hope and taught me how to be a mother. I owe them my life! love each and every one of you here at MICU!! -Tamar Malkhalanian baby krikor. read more
Dear LAUMC RH staff, First of all i would like to say thank you all, for you have dedicated and caring team. I would like to say BIG THANK YOU TO DOCTOR ZIAD MASAAD for his patience, not only during delivery, but throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. And special thank you for his team's expertise, who were all there, encouraging during my difficult minutes. I am grateful for choosing your reputable hospital for my baby's delivery. ME and Baby AREN THANK YOU ALL,specially to the team, who is caring my baby boy.Thank you again GOD BLESS YOU ALL. -George and Tamar Krajian baby AREN read more
Thank you to the amazing staff on the 3rd floor.Everything was beyond perfect!! P.N. Jean D'arc and Michline were very caring during the day. And Sossy was my amazing care giver at nights.nurses+cleanliness+friendliness was PERFECT, my son and I THANK YOU ALL. -Tamar makhaloumian read more
For Darine and Rawyia are one of the best employees in the hospital, they are very kind and helpful. -Joseph Khalil Hamaaui
Everything was very good and professional. I've already heard in a good way about the hospital but it was more than expected. Nurses were good as well as doctors. I will certainly refer Rizk hospital as well as i will choose all my future doctors within the hospital. -Danielle Labaki read more
The stay was very pleasant. I can't thank you enough for the care and attention you gave, it was a great comfort. All the staff are helpful and kind. -Sarah Gharbi
The nurses and medical staff were all very friendly,warm and had smiles on their faces all the time.They were always ready to answer all questions and to help out in any way needed.THANK YOU!! -Eva Zakhia
Thank you for your nice hospitality and your professional services. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They care about the mother's well being and comfort, as well as the baby's. They respond quickly when needed and are very attentive to mother an baby's needs. Thank you for this amazing experience and god bless you all. -Suzana Stephan Korkomaz read more
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank EVERY single person who was involved in the surgery done to me; from the pre-op staff,to all the surgical team, anesthesiologists, post-op staff, residents and nurses! Every single person i came in contact with was very cheerful,caring,polite, and very professional! You ALL went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety! Special thanks from the heaqrt goes to the FABULOUS DR.Zreik-never felt safer. Million thanks LAUMC-RH!!!!! -Adelina read more
A big thanks to the most friendly and kind nurses and staff,you made our stay so comfortable and smooth. We can't thank you enough for all the excellent care that you gave to my dad and the wonderful support for us as a family. YOU WERE FANTASTIC :) -Fayad family read more
Thank you very much. Your hospital has the friendliest staff i have ever met. I felt at home during my confinement Thank you for all be take care from Charbel (bebe) Tony Hourani specially Dr.Wissam Fayyad, Dr. Kim, Nancy, Clara, Afaf, Dr. Hiba. read more
Dear ER department, I would like to thank you all for the amazing special care that my husband and i received during our stay. you have made us feel comfortable, showed support and were very quick and efficient while taking care of my husband. You have helped me and reduce my stress. Thank you for all the team. -Maro Matossian read more
Dear All, This is to inform you that Mrs. Amal Awada, is very friendly, social and loves her work. She always ask me if i want anything , in addition she insisted to help me in taking shower and changing my clothes alone. this is the 1st time I admitted to this hospital. Really the service s perfect. Thanks to all the team, doctors and nurses. -Dania Itani. read more
Thank you foe all of you. It was great meeting you all, very kind and helpful people...everything was perfect, organized. i was very happy with everything. Nothing i can complain about it completely.. -Nada Ali Fawaz
Thank you for a wonderful experience, you've made possible for us. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. A big thank you to maya, rita,antoinette,yvette and sara!
Thank you for an amazing time and care.every staff m,ember was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Everyone was always willing to go the extra mile (late night cup of tea extra towel, words of encouragement...) Welcoming our baby boy Rawi at your hospital was a wonderful experiment!THANK YOU! -Maya Rafih read more
Thank you for your kindness and for taking care of my son. thank you for your good treatment and tenderness and i appreciate all your efforts in looking after my son Ali. -Roula Hassan
I would like to inform you that i did today brain MRI. The technician Mr.George Haydamous was perfect in dealing with me and professional in giving the injection(smooth).Mr. Saba was also very professional and human in dealing in patients.Great technicians, i am very glad to be handled in care here. THANK YOU. -Fadia Haddad read more
We were very pleased by a qualified nursing staff...THANKS FOR ALL... -Jean Iskaudar
Thanks god for this great day.I want to thank each member working in this great hospital. We had respectful days with our new born baby boy.God bless you all.Thanks for everything.A special thanks to my doctor George Yared and Dr. Jad who helped during my delivery. read more
The staff was very professional with handling both the mom and baby, Xlurses were extra caring and thoughtful of the mother's lack of knowledge and experience, the staff was very supportive in terms of mother and baby privacy, emotional and physical well being. special thanks to Midwives for being patient and kind throughout the teachings of how to provide baby's need and supporting throughout breast feeding early trials, special thanks and appreciation to midwife Rita. -Hiba Natour read more
Dear Mr. Rizk, Hope you are keeping well! I am writing the below to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the brilliant care the LAUMC RH team showed following my ACL surgery last week. All team demonstrated a total commitment and a high professional sense of responsibility. The staff has proven me that medical healthcare field is way more than technical skills and equipments but its core having super human qualities. That really touched me and made my experience more like a ballade. Would beg your pardon and allow myself to mention the amazing: The legend Dr. John AbdelNour. Mrs Ferial Hanna (the Iron lady). Mrs Mirna Nader. Mr Maroun Mahfoud. Mrs Maria Costantine. Mrs Rita Helou. Mrs Dolly from the PAU dept. Ms Mariam Karaki (would like to call her the OR angel, taking all surgery stress of my shoulders by showing a supreme degree of professionalism and care). Much appreciate all the LAUMC RH medical and management team efforts and wish them all nothing but the very best success all the way. Kind regards, Jimmy Ishak read more
My sister was admitted yesterday evening at your medical center and ever since she was at the Emergency till she has been moved her room, she received such a great and an outstanding impeccable service from all the team! As such I would like to command on the great medical, nursing and customer service the hospital has; the equip was thoughtful and friendly! We really received adequate attention and my family feedback was great! Katia H. read more
This is hanadi dayhen and this is the third time i go to the hospital because of my hyperemesis gravidarum. Amal Awada has been so far the greatest helper at the hospital apart from the doctors. She has turned my frown upside down, made me smile , the happiest most quite nurse ever. She treats patients with so much respect , opens the door smoothly, gives the patient his privacy , answers right away to all calls. I will greatly miss her attention and her positivity. please do take into consideration what i am saying as it is very important to know that a patient seeks and finds comfort with the nurse helping him. read more
نشكر مستشفنهى رزق بجميع ادارتها و موظفيها و ممرضيها و الحكماء فيهاز -سعاد ضاهر انطوان
.مع شكر الجزيل للجميع اعضاء الطاقم الطبي في الطبق الثالث مع خالص التمنيات في دوم العطاء
,تحية طيبة و بعد ...بعد قضاء ستة أيام في المستشفى في الطابق الثالث غرفة 309 , أود التنويه بأداء الممرضات و انتمائهنى التام لمهنتهنى و فد كان التعاون التام والأنسانية البحتة تظهر في معاملتهنى اللطيفة وتقربهن الورود و المحب للمريض والأفراد عائلته -ألمانيا ناضر حريري read more
Just a note to the amazing staff who work really hard under hard circumstances. Thank you to all of the nurses Afaf, Clara, Rita, Samira, Laure... A big thank you to nancy from baby ian for a shower without crying and with care and good luck to lara for a new start. love Rita Saad. read more
.شكر جزيل للممرضة عايدة لاهتمامها المتواصل طوال الليل ليس فقط لوالدتي بل للحميع تركض من غرفة الى الاخرى حسب الطلب لها -مريانا كزما read more
Good afternoon, I was with a patient in the hospital and before i leave i want to say that Mrs. Zeina is very helpful, she's a very hard worker , she treats all the patients in a very good way.I have a deep respect for what she did so thank you. -Maryse Kazama read more
First, The doctor is very exact and a pro.Second, The nurses are nice and friendly and cooperative.Finally, The floor staff service is good.Thanks -Jihan Abou Jaoude
We would like to thank all the Medical Team in the nursery care and delivery suite for their care, hospitality and professionalism as usual you made us feel at home. THANK YOU. -Joe and Jane El Hawa
Our baby would like to thank the nursery Dept. Mrs Antoinette , RIta and the rest of the staff members for caring and taking good care of her. -With much love LiLit Altounian
I would like to commend the ER team for their attention to patients, patience and for taking the time to continuously updating family on the patient's health. From the reception to the nurses and doctors. Rizk hospital has not lost its human face. A big thank you read more
Thank you very much for all your professional support and care.All the staff is so friendly and helpful, clean and always available. -Rana Bou Khalil
The stay was pleasant, the room was comfortable . The staff were very helpful, THANK YOU!!
Thank you for being a great help and support during our stay at the hospital.We stayed at the third floor, the team was great , very nice nurses ,head nurses, and aids.Friendly faces and sweet personalities, please don't change , keep the positive vibes and spread it all over, The patients are in need. THANK YOU again for being there for us. read more
Dear staff, It is with great relief that i am leaving the hospital, but only because i am really bored of it ! you have all been of great support during the time i spent on this floor -the 7th. Before i go, i would like to express my gratitude to you all, head nurses, nurses, helpers, managers, you name it... But i have to thank some of you personally foe very specific things you have been extremely good at. First, Antoinette,Moua,and sanaa, for your infinite empathy.Second , Yelle, for your outstanding care and professionalism.Finally, Ali, for your dedication and staff management. But really ,again, Thank you all on the 7th floor for making this stay as easy as it could be, I know you have all done your very best. -Damta Wyzinske El-Kahi read more
.أود أن أشكر ادارة المستشفى لحسن المعاملة والخدمة سواداً في العناية المركزة او الغرفة
Thank you so much for a very pleasant and professional conduct during my stay. My fast recovery was due to the fact that you did your job perfectly. With much compensation and care. -Wafic El-Abed
Equipe professionelle avec beaucoup d'attention. Très bon séjour et acceuil. -Joyce Sami Semaan
A big thank you for the nurses' team who fulfilled their duties with a smile and tenderness, Keep going forward. -Yara Ibrahim
My name is Chantale Hajj, I just wanna thank all of the staff who took care of me during these 2 days. You are an amazing and lovely staff, Really i didn't need anything , the service was fast, Keep going ad thanks for everything!! read more
Patient name Ruba Diab, I would like to thank you for all your kind help and support to all the staff, You are different than all the hospitals.THANK YOU!!
The service is excellent !!!! -Carla Tanios Kossaify
.شكراً على الخدمة الرائعة و ارجو التوفيق دائماً

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