LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


The hospital’s main phone number is +961 1 200800

Name Department Specialty Extension E-mail Address
Dr. Kilani Hala Medicine Nephrology 6311
Dr. Koniski André Ophthalmology Ophthalmology 5925/5926
Dr. Laham Rafic Medicine Internal Medicine N/A
Dr. Louak Elie Surgery Neurosurgery 5412
Dr. Maalouf Riad Surgery Ophthalmology 5926
Dr. Mahfoud Daniel Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Therapeutics Radiology 5070
Dr. Malek Krystel Anesthesia Anesthesia N/A
Dr. Mansour Ziad Surgery Cardio Thoracic 6422
Dr. Mantoura Joseph Surgery Neurosurgery 6422/5224
Dr. Massaad Ziad Ob-Gyn Infertility 6311
Dr. Matar Maroun Pediatrics Neonatology 5126
Dr. Mawad Michel Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Therapeutics N/A 5842
Dr. Melki Sami Surgery ENT 5508
Dr. Mitri Faouzi Ob-Gyn Infertility N/A
Dr. Mitri Federic Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn N/A
Dr. Mokhbat Jacques Medicine Infectious Diseases Micro biology 6311/6016
Dr. Mollayess Georges Ophthalmology Ophthalmology 5925
Dr. Mouaccadieh Elie Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn N/A
Dr. Mouaccadieh (Haswany) Roula Anesthesia Anesthesia 5151
Dr. Murr Rita Medicine Hematology / Oncology 5421

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